10 Benefits of Red Fruit Juice for Cancer & for Health

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Strawberries, tomatoes, apples, watermelons and fruits is a bit red, and of course very often you encounter in the markets or supermarkets. But, there is one red fruits that are probably very seldom you see, namely red fruit. From his name, we can already guess that this fruit is red. But, we haven’t been too knowing how the characteristics of this fruit.

Red fruit Pandanus Conoideuskarena is a kind of plant or the fruit that grows in the area around the mountain of Jayawijaya, Papua. Red fruit has the scientific name Pandanus Conoideus for its length.

This fruit can reach a length of 55 cm, diameter approximately 10-15 cm and weighing 2-3 kg. The color bright Maroon when cooked. This fruit is often served for food by the time the festivities by people in Wamena.

Each fruit is consumed because they contain useful substances for our health. Unlike the other fruit, Red Fruit contains the benefits and usefulness from its essence. Consuming or drinking  the oil or essence of this Red Fruit will give a healthy effects on our body.

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Here are the benefits of this red fruit;

1. As a anti carcinogen

Cancer is a disease that is deadly but curable. The content of tokferol and its high beta caroten made of red fruit is highly recommended for patients with cancer.

These compounds are antioxidants that serves to prevent the growth of cancer cells and improve the body’s cells are damaged.

2. Lowers high blood pressure

If you have high blood disease, then you are advised to consume red fruit juice.

This red fruit juice can lower high blood pressure with a way to accelerate blood flow and prevent a buildup of arterial blood flow on the spots.

3. Increases stamina for men

Red fruit ever examined by one of the professors of the University of Cendrawasih, namely Drs. I Made Budi M.Sc. He observed that consuming the Wamena resident red fruit.

Based on these observations, many communities especially the Wamena bodies of males had high stamina, and free of degenerative diseases, even though they are in a State of open when dressed and in a natural condition that is experiencing extreme change.

This is a proof that the red fruit is very nutritious to increase stamina, especially for the men who want to remain strong, healthy and fit.

4. Lowering levels of bad cholesterol in the body

Do you often eat fatty food and have high cholesterol levels? Don’t think it is trivial.

The levels of bad cholesterol or saturated fat that exceeds normal levels will lead to thinning of blood vessels in the heart, brain and kidneys.

Red fruit juice can ward off bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase good cholesterol (HDL) in the blood.

5. Treating gout

Disease of the liver caused by uric acid that produce excessive uric acid. Finally, uric acid Kidney stone covered and carried away to the ends of the fingers and toes.

This usually results in pain, dull pain, rheumatic pain, tingling, even to swell in joints. Fruit called Kuansa by the people of Wamena this can treat diseases of uric acid by way of the blood thins and restore the working system of the liver becomes normal.

Benefits of Red Fruit Juice

6. Treating the disease of diabetes mellitus

Diabetes mellitus is a disease caused by the increasing of the blood sugar levels so that the body does not produce insulin to keep blood sugar levels remained normal.

Diabetes recovery process can be assisted with red fruit juice because it contains tocopherol which will certainly improve the work of the pancreas in the manufacture of insulin be more optimal.

7. Prevents eye disease

Do you have bad view when viewing? Red fruit juice is one solution. Not just carrots, julienned Red also contain beta-caroten nutritious to prevent eye disease.

8. Increases the brain works

Red fruit juice turned out to contain omega 3 and 6 that helps increase the intelligence and ability of the brain. This juice is perfect for children who are currently in a period of growth.

9. Prevent Bone Diseases such as Osteoporosis

Recent research proves that around 55,000 mg calcium contained in red fruit juice per 100 grams. Therefore, the red juice has calcium and can provide the nutrients needed by the bone. In addition, red fruit juice also helps avoid osteoporosis.

10. Good news for sufferers of Lupus

In addition to cancer, lupus is a disease that can also claimed the life of a person. Lupus attacks the human immune system so that it can interfere with health and patients have difficulty in breathing. Red fruit juice can be a healing or recovery solution. After consuming red fruit juice, the stamina of people sufferers from Lupus will get strong again because of the antioxidants in red juice.

Healthy living is the yearning of everyone. After learning of the red juice  benefits, surely you can make it as an alternative herbal remedy which is very nutritious and powerful for health.

Generally, this red fruit juice drink to be consumed one teaspoon twice a day. You don’t have to go far to Papua to get it. Now, the red juice is available at the nearest pharmacies and sold online.


image by: thecultureist.com


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