10 Benefits of Bitter Honey Black for Health

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10 Benefits of Bitter Honey Black for Health – When you hear the word honey, exactly what is on your mind is sweet and sticky. However, it also has other types of honey that is not sweet. This type of honey known as bitter black honey. As the name implies this bitter black honey is honey that has a black color, in contrast with honey generally yellow-brown. In addition, this bitter black honey also has bitter taste, and have a sugar content is very low when compared to an ordinary honey.

Origins of Black Honey

Bitter black honey itself is now widely available in the forests of Borneo, where the honey is obtained from the processing of nectar produced by wild bees, which pick it up from a mahogany tree. This is what causes the bitter taste and also a black color in the honey, because it was taken out of mahogany. Currently, it has a lot of honey sold in the form of bottles, such as honey in general with various brands. You can choose at drug stores and pharmacies, and some may also be sold in traditional markets.

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image : http://maduhitampahit.com

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Just like honey in general, bitter black honey also has many benefits for our bodies. What are the benefits? Here are some of the benefits of black honey bitter:

1. Accelerate the healing of various diseases

The first benefit of black bitter honey is that it can help to accelerate the healing of diseases and wounds. With the benefits of vitamin C content of its high, then the bitter black honey can also help to heal wounds and also promotes healing of various diseases. You just drink it alone regularly, 3 tablespoons a day to obtain maximum results.

2. Antioxidants high

Bitter black honey also has a high content of antioxidants. High antioxidant benefits is very good to help ward off free radicals and can also prevent premature aging, as well as the possibility of the emergence of cancer cells in the body. Besides antioksdan high, bitter black honey also contains anti-bacterial and anti-viral content. It can keep the body from the entry of viruses and bacteria that cause various diseases.

3. Can increase endurance

Just like honey in general, bitter dark honey has excellent benefits to help improve endurance. This is of course very useful for you to medium-emergence of various diseases, such as flu, cough and fever. In addition, for the children of black bitter honey was also very good to protect from the disease-causing germs when playing outdoors.

4. Lowering blood sugar levels and good for diabetics

Unlike the honey in general benefit bitter black honey has a low sugar content, so the bitter black honey is very good for consumption by diabetics who have high blood sugar levels. In addition, the bitter black honey also contains very good to help lower blood sugar levels in the body virgin. So, for those of you who suffer from diabetes, try to consume this bitter black honey.

5. Can restore stamina

You feel tired after a long day? Then, try to consume honey bitter black.black honey bitter serves to restore your stamina has been depleted after the move all day, By doing so, you also become refreshed and well-powered to continue your activities and not easy to feel tired again.

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image by : seriouseats.com

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6. Can relieve symptoms of gout

Uric acid is one of the symptoms that arise due to the crystallization of fat in the joints of the body. When the recurrence of uric acid can cause symptoms tremendous pain and torture sufferers, because it could be difficult to cause the sufferer to move freely because of the pain. However, to relieve the symptoms of gout, try to consume honey bitter black.

With a good nutrient for the health of the body, honey also contains bitter black and also the excellent benefit to relieve gout symptoms you feel.

7. Lowering cholesterol

You suffer from high cholesterol? if you are concerned about your illness? If so, you can try to consume honey bitter black. black honey bitter also has good benefits to help lower cholesterol levels in the body. Benefits of black bitter honey is consumed regularly, the cholesterol levels in the body will slowly decline, so that you will feel the symptoms of high cholesterol are reduced.

8. Treat ulcer disease

For those of you who have symptoms and also heartburn, try also to often bitter black honey. Black honey bitter able to help relieve the symptoms of heartburn, so it can make you avoid the pain in the stomach. It can also lead you to the ulcer drug dependence is reduced, and you will feel comfortable when going to eat, without the fear of having an ulcer relapse.

9. Strengthen liver function

Benefits of black bitter honey is able to strengthen and maintain the function of the liver or liver. Health and function properly maintained, then your body will certainly feel more healthy and fresh as disorders of the liver can cause increase in the body.

10. Neutralize stomach acid

You who have the stomach acid can also try to eat this bitter black honey. Bitter black honey has good benefits to neutralize the acidity in your stomach. This of course has a very good benefit for the prevention of recurrence of gastric acid or GERD symptoms commonly experienced when you will eat foods that contain high acid and heat.

That’s the benefit of black bitter honey, the honey bitter black then your health will be safeguarded. So that it can make your life healthier and avoid the attack of various diseases.