10 Benefits carica fruit for health


10 Benefits carica fruit for health – For Indonesian people, some of us are not so familiar with Carica fruit was hard to find because it only grows in the high plains .its means that the fruit of Carica only grows at high altitude and have a cold temperature or in the mountains. carica fruit for health benefits is not a little, but so immense that we can use it.

About Fruit Carica

carica fruit was first discovered in the United States is in Indonesia itself only grows in the Dieng Plateau, Wonosobo,central Java also find in Bali .carica fruit is difficult to obtain, and we are not easy to find in supermarkets .the physical features such Papaya fruit has many benefits behind the difficulty of finding this fruit.

Carica fruit nutrition content

Not many people know the efficacy of fruit Carica for health and just know that this fruit has a sour taste and a fresh course. Carica contain a lot of fiber, Vitamin A, Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin C, enzymes papain, and Calcium are certainly beneficial for our body. Well, the content – the content is exactly what makes the fruit of Carica has many benefits. Here are 10 properties Carica fruit is good for health or other:


Benefits of carica

carica fruit benefits for health and for a variety of common factors can be utilized for various aspects of life. Let us examine best.

1. Giving business area

Indirectly, fruit that only grows in the highlands of this gives a special business area for the residents who live in the area .Carica has many functions as food because it can be processed into many thing.like jams, preserves, syrups, chips, up to dodol. People of Wonosobo many who made a cottage industry of Carica fruit processing and selling them.

2. Can be a skin medicine

Fruit Carica also have efficacy for treating skin diseases. According to residents of Wonosobo, Carica fruit in America there is used as medicine for skin lesions in the form of drugs – drugs. But in Wonosobo, there is no drug that process into skin diseases because of their understanding and knowledge is still lacking.

3. Be cosmetics and skin care

Not only for skin medication, Carica fruit can form collagen for the body also be used in cosmetics and skin care.Kolagen produced can make the skin smooth and protected from premature aging such as avoiding wrinkles on the face and body. Eating regularly will certainly berfek great on our skin.

4. Giving freshness

Carica fruit that have been processed or unprocessed also gives freshness to the body because it has adelicious flavor .untreated Carica was not processed because it tastes like fruit Carica sourness. mostly indeed processed.

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5. Digestion

As with other fruit, fruit Carica containing Vitamin C and high fiber has a property for digestion in Wonosobo tubuh.Warga eating this fruit as a raw routinely for their digestion.

6. Clean the intestines

Because it can aid digestion, it also means carica fruit can cleanse us naturaly.for the intestinal organs intestine itself, Carica fruit can eliminate bad bacteria because it can balance the acidity or pH in our intestines.

7. Healthy eyes

Carica fruit can also nourish the eyes because they contain Vitamin A. Many thought that Vitamin A is only present in carrots is not it? Carica fruit can be another intake to replace the carrots so that the eyes remain healthy. Especially for those of you who do not like vegetables carrots.

8. Eliminate xeropthalmia

The residents believe that the fruit of Carica Wonsosobo can also eliminate the disease earlier senja.like myopic, fruit Carica containing Vitamin A can help sufferers of night blindness gradually recover.

9. Increase metabolism

Carica fruit also has properties in metabolism in the body with nutrients .contents with Fiber, and Vitamin Calcium also helps the body to physically pick the more powerful and protected from viruses also bacteria. especially due to the presence of Vitamin B Complex.

10. Giving warmthut

In America, the fruit of Carica also has properties to warm the body. They cultivate the fruit to be used as a alcohol beverage . the taste of alcoholic beverages of fruit is very delicious. in Indonesia certainly no one has process into alcohol.

Carica fruit in Indonesia

Carica fruit often referred to as ‘Papaya Mountain’. The tree alone was almost the same as papaya. Fruit shape has a yellow color bright as well as with the meat, and that is the difference in addition to the location of the seeds of Carica .besides smaller than the papaya fruit seeds and approaches such as Passion fruit seeds also slimy. Carica has sap that is thick and should be washed as many as three times before consumption . Wonosobo people who cultivate wear gloves to avoid being hit sap.cause Carica fruit sap can cause itching – itching and irritation when touched.


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Carica fruit production Dieng Plateau has entered the international market. We can see trees – fruit trees Carica what if the visit directly to Dieng. In addition we can also see instantly how to process the fruit of Carica into various foods. To the effect itself, until now there has been ada.Kecuali those who wash these fruits are less clean and make the lips itching – itching. Tapu calm, residents Wonosobo been very understanding how to properly wash this fruit. Prices of fruit Carica not expensive and very economical considering the remarkable properties.